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A Closer Look at the Firm


Vetchtein Law is a personal injury located in the San Bernardino area. They take on a range of personal injury cases, finding full compensation for those that have suffered in a car accident, swimming pool accident or through a dog bite. They have extensive experience in the many types of issue that can come up and their in depth knowledge allows them to recognize how a case should be handled. They also represent catastrophic injury cases and since these injuries may never fully be recovered from or they can take a long time, they are able to consider the current and future costs that should be pursued. They start by getting to know their clients and investigating the situation of their injury.

The first step is filling out a free case evaluation form so that they can begin looking into the details of the case and offer a professional assessment. The drive behind their dedication is the chance that they have to use their strong grasp of the legal system for good. After spending time in law school they want to know that they are making a difference and they are able to do just that for those who are injured. They also represent wrongful death cases for families that have had to endure the loss of their loved one at the hands of another. They have experience in assessing a case and pinpointing the details of negligence. They are able to build solid cases for many of the individuals that they represent and they seek compensation that allows accident victims to move on with their life in the best manner possible. Contact them today for a free consultation. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you always are able to get in touch with their San Bernardino personal injury attorney.

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